November 14th Radio Radio, Indianapolis, IN

11月14日(月)「Radio Radio」インディアナ州インディアナポリス

We checked out the hotel at 11:00a.m. and arrived at Indianapolis at 16:00.  We spend 1 hour and 30min at a shopping mall there.  This food court.  There were classic video game tables of Galaga.


We loaded in the venue.  It was raining.  The carpet of the stage was leopard pattern.  So cool!


Kenny was checking the drum kit.  ケニーさんドラムをチェック中。

I ate this for dinner.  It was delicious Thai curry.  I love cashew nuts.  I wore ATP tennis T-shirts which I bought it in Tokyo last month.  And what?!


Here is a free paper of Indianapolis, NUVO.  The article of Shonen Knife and my interview is on this paper, yeah!  Cool!!


A lot of audience were so ROCK!  We took hundreds of picture after show with them.  My eyes were stinging.