November 18th The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

November 18th The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

11月18日(金)「The Bell House」ニューヨーク州、ブルックリン

After Pittsburgh show, we had to drive more than 2 hours for the hotel.  Night driving is hard.  Sometimes, we also need to get gas, too.


I went to bed around 4:30a.m.  The next morning, we left the hotel at 10:30.  We drove 4 hours and arrived at Brooklyn.  I saw people were demonstrating.  It must be against the gap of rich and poor.


This is the venue, The Bell House.  Cool venue!


For today’s special of my blog, CJ Ramone came to the venue and we did sound check together.  He was so nice, kind, gentle man.  It was great that member of my favorite rock band Ramones join into tonight’s show. How happy I am!  All of us went to dinner for an Italian restaurant.  I ordered sundried tomato and gorgonzola cheese with capers.  It was so yummy.  For dessert, deep fried dough with chocolate sauce.


We took pictures with CJ.  CJと記念撮影。

When we walk back to the venue after dinner, I saw so many fire engines at the street.  It seemed that there was a fire.


Then we got dressed and the show time has come.  There was great audience.  Full of people were smiling and dancing.  In the middle of the encore, II called up CJ on stage and we played together.  I couldn’t stop smiling when CJ was singing Scattergun.  I thank to the audience and CJ.  Our crew did great job, too.  I could have very good time in Brooklyn.