November 20th Valentine’s, Albany, NY

November 20th Valentine’s, Albany, NY


Miyoko kindly prepared boiled rice and I made rice balls again for our snack in the van.  It looks like marble?!


After 5 hour drive, we arrived at Albany from Buffalo around 4:30p.m.  This photo is the venue, “Valentine’s”.  Our stage was at 2nd floor.  There was a small stage at downstairs and a performance which used fire was held there.  The performer ate fire.  The venue prepared various beers for us at our dressing room.  Which one shall I drink after the tour final show?


So many people in Albany came to our show and they were moshing at the encore.  It was so ROCK!!  Everybody there was so kind.  I mentioned the show was the final one for our North American tour 2011 on stage and many people said “Have safe trip to Japan.” after show.


After show, we took pictures with all of our members and crew.

From left to right (back) Atsuko, Robby, Miyoko, John, Kenny, Emi (front) Ritsuko and I

Thanks to them, we could finish our tour successfully.  Thank you so much!!  Everybody did a great job.  I have to say thank you to Rob, our first half sound man/tour manager, too.  I was very happy to see our fans at many cities.  I’m happy if you enjoyed our show and had a good time.  We hope to come back to North America next summer.

It’s getting cold and winter has come.  Take care.  Please listen to our new song, “Sweet Christmas” and have a happy Christmas.



Rob cat こちら、 ロブです。



ナイフの新曲、「Sweet Christmas」を聞いて元気に過ごしてくださいませ。

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