2012’s first show

I have to write about the count down show of 2011 – 2012 first.

December 31st, 2011

We played at Namba Hatch, a cool big venue for a count down show in Osaka.  I was so happy to be invited for a fantastic event.  Audience could enjoy rock music and pro-wrestling there.


There were some “kotatsu”, a low table with an electric heat source underneath, covered with a quilt to retain the heat, at the audience seat area.


We ROCKed 10 songs.  I enjoyed the event a lot.

After I came back home, I made Soba Noodles.  We have a custom to eat buckwheat noodles on New Year’s Eve.  The meaning of “noodles” are having long healthy happiness


2011年12月31日、なんばHatchにて、”KINDAMA” に参戦。面白いバンド演奏がたくさんあり、大阪プロレスがあり、客席にはこたつまである、楽しさ満点のイベントです。出してもらったのは2回目。前回も楽しかったけど、今回はさらに楽しかったです。私たちも10曲、ロックにぶっとばしました。


January 15th, 2012

It was our first show of 2012.  We played at “noon” in Osaka, Umeda.


This show was presented by “AlReady Yours”.  The drummer Kanako have ever been our show crew in ’90’s.  I was so happy that I could play with her band.  All bands played at the day were so cool!



AlReady Yoursのみなさん主催のイベントで、ドラマーのかなこさんは90年代にはナイフのスタッフをしてもらっていました。彼女のバンドと一緒にライブで来てとってもハッピーでした。この日、出演したバンド、みんなカッコよかったです。

AlReady Yours and Shonen Knife.  Kanako is next to Emi.

↑ AlReady Yoursのみなさんと少年ナイフ。えみちゃんの隣がかなこさん。

Atsuko was there.  She was visiting home from Los Angeles.

↑ ロサンゼルスから来阪中のアツコも来ておりましたよ。

Photo by Atsuko  アツコ撮影です。

We played Hard Rock set.  All songs were heard and heavy tunes.  Everybody there seemed having a good time and I was happy!


AlReady Yoursのみなさん、ありがとう。おつかれさまでした!!!