2 March 2020, Travel Day from Perth to Osaka


All of us gathered at the hotel lobby at 4am and went to the airport. I had no sleep last night.


We could safely board Singapore airlines. It was easy because we didn’t take heavy luggage as usual. Flight meal was beef noodles.


I watched some movies, took a nap and arrived at Changi airport in Singapore for transit.


Flight meal from Changi to Osaka-Kansai airport was like this. Fish cake is marinated.



Dessert was Popsicle aka Ice Lolly. Yay! But I noticed that my parka got dirt by chocolate when I got off the plane because it was dark inside of it. Oh, no!

We arrived at Osaka-Kansai airport and went to the baggage claim. We just received our suitcases. I went to find our guitars to oversize pick up but I couldn’t. All other passengers went home and I asked to ground crew and our guitars were still at Changi. I wrote down a document for sending them to my house.



I received our guitars carefully wrapped by bubble seat with a letter of apology.

Anyway, it was great that all of us could come home safely!