30th anniversary show in Osaka



Sunday, April 22nd  started from 3:00p.m.

Shonen Knife 30th  and Bear’s 25th anniversary show at Bear’s in Namba, Osaka


The first part was a show.  We picked up one song each from all albums.  The order of the songs are from new one to old one.   I was a little nervous to play a new song and long time no play songs.   But I think we played very well as the “present” Shonen Knife because I felt to get my “Adrenalin”.  Oh, yeah!!

じゃあ、写真をアップしていきます。Let me show you some photos.

素敵なお花を送っていただきました。Beautiful flowers from our fan.  Thanks!


There was a guy who made this collection boards.


At the second part, I did talk show with guests.  I talked about the history of Shonen Knife.  Ritsuko and Emi became one-day pub owners and sold beer and snacks.  With Mr. Hozanhyan who was a guest for talk show.



We’ve got this giant strawberry cake from our fan, too.  30th anniversary candles and cut with “Kitchen Knife”.  It was so delicious.  We received many gifts.  Thank you so much.


Thanks to our fans who enjoy our music, Shonen Knife could have 30 years anniversary.  We’d like to make happy music for you in the future, too.  Thank you for your support.

—  番外編 — in addition

left to right:  Mr. Seiichi Yamamoto, Gandhi Ishihara, Hozan Hyan

Gandhi is a nickname of Mr. Ishihara because he looks like Gandhi.  By the way, these 3 men are the same age.  After show, we went to Izakaya pub and Seiichi joined there.