Tuesday Feb 27 Melbourne, TRAVEL DAY (Atsuko)


We met in the lobby at 8:30 a.m.  A MONA FOMA van drove us to the airport.   Tasmania airport is small and there is no premier lounge, so Paul got up early and went to have breakfast.  I think I don’t have enough sleep recently.  So I stayed in bed until the last minute.  I ate a red bean pastry which I bought yesterday at the airport lobby.


Arrived at Melbourne airport.


We checked into the hotel and went out to eat.  I ordered BBQ chicken and rice at a Vietnamese restaurant recommended by Paul.  The chicken was moist and tasty.


I drank Vietnamese coffee.


We went back to the hotel and did laundry. There was a washing machine but no dryer, so we used the clothes drying rack.


In the evening, we went to the supermarket.  Risa bought meat and said she would cook it.  I took home a fried chicken bento from a Japanese restaurant.


We have no travel tomorrow. I can relax until about 3pm.