Monday Feb26 Hobart,Tasmania DAY OFF (Atsuko)


It’s a day off in Hobart today!


I went out for lunch. There was a Malaysian restaurant in the neighborhood of the hotel that looked delicious, so I had nasi goreng. It was delicious!


After lunch, I took a walk towards the MONA ferry terminal and Salamanca Market.

夕方からはMONA FOMAキュレーターのブライアンさんのBBQパーティーに招待してもらいご馳走になりました。とても楽しくお料理も美味しかったです。

In the evening, we were invited to a BBQ party by Brian, the curator of MONA FOMA. Lots delicious food and I had a good time.



In a residential area, a sign of a wallaby or maybe a kangaroo.


We will fly to Melbourne tomorrow.