Wednesday Feb28 Melbourne, THE CORNER (Atsuko)


I woke up late and had a red bean pastry and coffee. I went out by myself at 12:00.  At first I visited the Vietnamese restaurant I went to yesterday, but it was very crowded, so I decided to take a walk. Here in Melbourne, the Australian Open Tennis Tournament was held in January. So I decided to go to Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park!  It took about a 30 minute walk from the hotel. It was a nice walk through a large park on the way.


Arrived at Rod Laver Arena!


I bought a visor and T-shirts and went to the city.

AC/DC Laneは2019年から絵が変わってました。

AC/DC Lane had a different picture from 2019.

Nov 1 Melbourne Australia. PRINCE BANDROOM


Flinders Street Station. I headed toward the hotel. It was hot and humid with a sprinkling of rain and I was sweating.  It was a good exercise.


I walked back to the hotel, stopped by the Vietnamese restaurant I wanted to visit, and took out the same grilled chicken and rice I had yesterday and ate it at the hotel.


I took a shower and wrote a blog, and it was 4:00 pm. We went to the venue and had sound check.


We ordered dinner at the restaurant upstairs the venue. I ate fish called barramundi and couscous in the dressing room and returned to the hotel.


I was writing a blog at the hotel when it was time to leave and Greg and we went to the venue.


Greg is a funny guy who is a same birthday with me.


Thank you for coming to our show! 


We will fly to Adelaide tomorrow. Good night.