June 7th – 8th Travel Day from London UK to Osaka JAPAN


We took a taxi at 10:30am and went to Heathrow Airport. Checked in our luggage and ate vegetable gyoza dumplings at a “Japanese style” dinner. Coating dough tastes a little less cooked.

ぱくぱく。Eat, eat.


Atsuko will go to Los Angeles. Risa and I will go to Osaka. We took a picture. This stuffed duck will board, too.

今回は、関空に就航して間もない、British Airways直行便。直行便は体が楽や~!

We use direct flights of British Airways between Heathrow-London and Osaka-Kansai this time which started to service from 1st of April. It’s getting very easy for us to go to London.

機内食1色目。The first flight meal.

野菜パスタ。Vegetable pasta.


Soy sauce on the side. There is no dishes which needs soy sauce. Or is this is a kind of dramatic demonstration of Japan?


映画は、「Iris Apfel」見て、丸い眼鏡にかなり影響された!そのあと、映画館で見たけど、復習のため「Bohemian Rhapsody」見てみた。でも最後の方で機内エンタテインメントのシステムダウンになり、終わりまでは見られなかった。システムが復旧し、「Aquaman」みて、「未来のミライ」みた。どの映画も途中でこちらのシステムダウンにより(寝てしまった)間が消えてしまっていた。でも、映画って面白いね。

Second meal. Quiche in cream sauce. It was thick.

I saw some movies. “Iris Apfel” was interesting. I was inspired by Iris’ big eyeglasses. After that, I saw “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I watched it at a movie theater once but I wanted to review. At the end of this film, the system of the flight entertainment program went down. I couldn’t see it until the end. Then the system recovered. I saw “Aquaman” and “Mirai”. My system went down, it means I took a nap without notice, in the middle of these movies, I couldn’t see these movies completely. Anyway, I love movies.


ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour終了し、無事帰国。見に来てくださったお客さま、ツアーにかかわって下さった関係者の皆様に感謝いたします。ありがとうございました!!また、ヨーロッパ行きたい!!

Landed at Kansai airport and on the way home, I ate “Kitsune-Udon noodles”, wheat noodles in soup, topped with deep-fried bean curd, which I wanted to eat from a few days ago.

Thanks to our audience and people who worked with us for this tour, ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour finished safely and successfully. I’d like to express my gratitude. Thanks again!!  I would like to come back to Europe again!!


Jun 6 -7 London and Go home

Jun 6, A Day Off in London


I woke up late and went to a Japanese Korean restaurant for lunch.


I ate Korean meal ‘Bulgogi’. It was delicious.


Risa ordered sweets for dessert. I ate a piece.



We organized our goods and equipments after lunch.


The pub is famous for Kinks. Naoko and I went to have dinner there.


We went back to the hotel. I packed my luggage and went to bed.


Jun 7, London to Los Angeles


Everyone’s flight was British Airways. So we used same terminal in Heathrow airport.


I said goodbye to Naoko and Risa and went to my gate.


Inflight meal. It looks similar to Naoko’s. But I didn’t get soy sauce!


I arrived at Los Angeles airport!


I went to Japanese restaurant after that. Fried chicken and small Udon noodles. Yum!

アライブ!イン ヨーロッパ 2019ツアーを大成功で終える事が出来ました!見に来て下さった皆さま、サポートして下さった皆さまありがとうございました!感謝です。そしてこのブログを読んでくれたあなた、ありがとう!またね〜!

We finished ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour successfully! I want to say thank you to everyone who supported us. And thank you for reading my blog! See you soon!

Jun 5 Travel Day, Kraków Poland to London


Good morning! It was the third day, I had same breakfast. It was delicious!


We went to Kraków airport.


Souvenir store in the airport. I bought a similar mug cup for myself in town.


We had to buy food and drinks in the airplane. I didn’t buy anything. I was sleeping!


Arrived at Brussels airport. We went back to the van that was parked in the airport. Took Euro tunnel and drove to London.


We stopped at a grocery store and I bought sushi.


The train went through Euro Tunnel.


I followed Naoko when we went to a toilet. There was another toilet near us but Naoko went to other one. It was so far. She is a “Map Master”! We pushed to open the heavy doors and doors by the wind pressure. I sweated a lot!


It was just before 11 pm when we got the hotel in London.  Another long day. Good night!

Jun 4 Kraków Poland, Małpolska“Something must break!”


Good morning! Gorgeous breakfast again!


We had radio interview in the morning.


Inside radio station.


We went back to the hotel. And went to the venue.


I used Ampeg SVR-VR. It’s vintage reissue model. I tried to put the head on the cabinet. But I couldn’t, it was too heavy! 85 pounds!


We had dinner at a nice restaurant after sound check.


I ate cake, too!


The poster in front of the venue. If you look carefully you can see me.

Thank you Krakow Rock City!

Jun 3 Half Day Off in Kraków


Good morning! We are in Kraków in Poland.


Gorgeous breakfast at the hotel! Yeah!


We were caught video and photo for promotion in the morning. Ula and camerawoman Aga.


Beautiful city. People are beautiful, too.


Aga took photos of us when we were talking photo.


We looked around inside the historical theater.


We had photo shoot in front of the radio station. And then went to a popular ice cream shop. I had salted caramels ice cream. It was delicious!


At last we went to the venue where we play next day.  Today’s work was over!


Naoko and I went to have lunch. When we’d just ordered meal, we got a phone call. We had to change our room. Naoko went back to the hotel and moved our luggage. Thanks.


I ate Udon noodles! It was OKAY.


It was my first time to visit Poland. I bought souvenirs.


I had to eat “Pierogi” which is traditional Polish meal! We went to a Polish restaurant with Pep.


Meat lovers ordered meat selection. OMG!


Live music! We were lucky!


Sweets lovers ate dessert.


We had to move hotel room but I got my bass safely. I was glad.