Nov 6 Sydney Australia. ART GALLERY OF NSW

おはよう!朝は昨日フリンダースストリート駅の売店で買っていたコロッケを食べました。これが以外にも日本の味でした。 6時半にホテルを出発し、グレッグ、ベンそしてナイフでメルボルン空港へ。

Good morning! I ate potato croquette for breakfast which I bought at Flinders Street Station yesterday. It was totally Japanese taste!  We left the hotel at 6:30am. Greg, Ben and Knives went to Melbourne airport together.


It was getting close to Sydney. When the aircraft got ready for landing, I started to have my earache. It’s not a good idea to ride airplane when you have a cold! Finally arrived at Sydney!


We waited Paul who flew from Brisbane drinking cafe latte at the airport. We checked in the hotel. And then we walked to the Art Gallery carrying equipments.


The exhibition is “Japan Supernatural “. It was so cool!


We looked around the exhibition before sound check.


The view from the stage.


Here was the stage.


We got dinner from the restaurant in the Art Gallery.


We had talk show before the show.

Live photo by Paul


Many people came to the show! Thank you very much!  I saw kids were dancing and smiling. It made me happy. I enjoyed the show in the Museum!


A fan gave us presents. I got Mondrian socks and earring! Thanks a lot.


Paul, Risa and I ate ice cream cookie sandwiches after we came back to the hotel. See you!

Thank you Sydney Rock City!

November 6 GALLERY OF NSW, Sydney Australia


I had pastry and coffee in the morning again. I bought a croquet yesterday but I couldn’t eat and gave it to Atsuko.

6時半にホテルを出発。Ben, Gregと我々3人とでメルボルンのタラマリン空港へ。Gregに付いてってラウンジで、サンドイッチ作って持ち帰り。

We left the hotel at 6:30. Ben, Greg and three of us drove to Tullamarine airport of Melbourne. Three of us follow Greg and entered into a lounge and I made sandwich there and took it with me.


It took an hour and a half to Sydney from Melbourne by flight.

荷物を引き取る。We received our luggage.


Christmas in Australia is in summer.


We had coffee and wait for Paul from Brisbane.

今日のホテルはとてもファンシー。一旦休憩して、徒歩で会場のArt Gallery of NSWへ。

Our hotel today is very fancy. We took a break in the room and walked to the venue, Art Gallery of NSW.


Paul, Greg and three of us carried suitcase, guitars and walked 13 minutes through steps, slopes like that.


We walked through a park. I saw a tower over there. The combination of a lawn park, a tower and Art Gallery reminds me of Tennoji in Osaka. We also have a lawn park, Tsutenkaku-Tower and Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts.

こちらがArt Gallery of NSW.


We loaded in our luggage and went to see the exhibition.

美術館では、11月2日から来年3月8日までJAPAN SUPERNATURAL という展示をしていて、その一環で私たちを呼んでもらった。

This gallery holds JAPANESE SUPERNATURAL exhibition from 2nd of November to 8th of March 2020. We were invited for this event related the exhibition.


Paul get funny when taking a photo.


河童のお面。Kappa mask.


We took a photo with organisers.


We sat up the stage after enjoyed the exhibition.


I found my strap-pin was loosen at sound check. I put some tape in the hole of the body and tighten it.


After sound check, our meal was delivered from the restaurant in the gallery.


I ordered crab linguine. It was so delicious but I had to eat quickly.

#JapanSupernatural @artgalleryofnsw
Photo: Christopher Snee, AGNSW

#JapanSupernatural @artgalleryofnsw
Photo: Christopher Snee, AGNSW


We had 30 minutes talk show from 7:30. The venue was packed. Chairs were placed. We went up to the stage and talk with the host. People there applause a lot for our talking. It was great for me. Sorry my English was not fluent.

#JapanSupernatural @artgalleryofnsw
Photo: Christopher Snee, AGNSW

Live Photo by Paul

Live Photo by Paul


Our show started from 8:30 for an hour set. Chairs were moved and the audience were standing and enjoying the show. We had very good time with cheerful audience. They clapped their hands with me and smiling during the show. Thank you for your cooperation!

楽屋のケータリングはSKワイン!Shonen Knife のワイン?!そのほかアサヒスーパードライも置いてくれていた。細かいお心遣い、嬉しい。

Catering at the dressing room was SK wine! Is it Shonen Knife wine?! Asahi Super Dry was there, too. Thank you for kind selection.



We got this head band from a fan who arrived here right after our show time. He said he could come to our Sydney show.

I thank to people at the Art Gallery.