August 4th, Minneapolis, MI

8月4日(土) “7th Street Entry”, Minneapolis, MI



On the way to Minneapolis, I ate crispy chicken and potato burrito. Inside is like this.

I wanted to drink something sweet and got this tea.  Compared with Japanese one, it was a big bottle.


We arrived at the venue.  This is the wall of the venue and the outside of it.  We played here last November, too.  Cool venue.

Atsuko, RItsuko, Emi and I went to eat Thai food for dinner.  I ordered Pad Thai.  It was a big portion.  I tasted everybody’s order and they were yummy.




This is the inside of the venue.  At the merch table, some items have already gone and it became a little simple, though.  People in Minneapolis are always energetic.  We could have a good time with great the audience.  Thank you very much!!