August 9th, Portland, OR

8月9日(木) Portland, OR “Dante’s”


After 3 hour drive from Seattle, we arrived at the venue in Portland, OR.  We played here last year, too.


We had spare time till sound check, went see around the town.  I ate sushi at revolving sushi place with Atsuko.  It wasn’t a Japanese one but Asian and there was a giant bottle of sweet chili sauce.  Cream cheese and fake crab salad roll tasted good.


After lunch, I went shopping and had coffee.  Beautiful big trees and modern building got together.  There was a street car.


Our dinner was pizza.  The size of one piece was as big as a big plate. I ate half of it.  Olive, pineapple and vegetables were topped as vegetarian pizza.  It tastes good.  By the way, I like rim part of pizza.




メープルベーコンが一番過激かと思われます。それを食べた、えみさんの感想は、ベーコンが案外合っていておいしかったそうです。わたしは…、 よぅ食べん。

A lot of audience seemed enjoying our show.  I was so happy.  Thank you very much.

After show, we got a present from our fan.  At the show, Ritsuko mentioned about Voodoo Donut.  She said that she wanted to go to buy it but there were a long line and couldn’t get it and wanted to buy next time.  Then kind person bought them for us.  Thank you so much!

There were a Voodoo Doll, a spider, a face and maple beacon donuts.  I ate spider one.  Crashed Oreo were topped on donut with chocolate sauce and peanut butter.  It was so yummy.  I’d like to eat again someday.

Maple beacon seems the most wired but Emi who ate it said that crispy beacon and sweet donut get together well and tastes good.  I think… I can’t try it.