7th October The Musician, Leicester

10月7日(日) 「The Musician」 レスター

朝起きて、コインランドリーへ。2時間かけてお洗濯してすっきり。帰り道、De Montford Universityやら、教会やらを通りました。きれいな景色。

We went to a coin laundry in the morning.  It took 2 hours but I got happy with clean clothes.  On the way back, I got through the campus of De Montford University and an old cathedral.  Beautiful!

まっすぐの運河に白鳥たちが。 Swans on a straight shape canal.


This is an anachoic chamber at the university.


Old Cathedral.


Old hall and stone-paved road.


In the morning, it was foggy then got sunny.  Cold fresh air made me feel good.

そして、会場へ。会場の名前は「The Musician」。

Then we went to the venue, The Musician.


I ate pizza for dinner.  It was so good.  Today, George at damnably performed as FUsmallgang.  Wonderful!


Ian at Magic Tea Pot, Dr. John who was a driver for our 2011 tour and George at damnably spent their young days together.


Thanks for coming to our show.  Thanks for Ian at Magic Tea Pot and everyone.