25th October Travel day from Helsinki to Oslo

10月25日(木) 移動日、ヘルシンキからオスロへ。

ヘルシンキの朝。 出発まで、時間があったので、2時間ほど散歩しました。(写真はクリックすると大きく見ることができます。)

Morning in Helsinki. We had spare time until the departure and I took a walk for 2 hours.

(You can see expand the photo if you click it.)


I found a big station.  I took some pictures there.  In Helsinki, railway company is VR?!  In Japan, JR.  Japan Railway.


The scenery in town.   I took many photo of trains.


It was nice sunny day different from the day before.  It was cold, though.  There was a sweets corner at a convenience store at a metro  station.


There was a beautiful park.  The leaves turned yellow.


There was a circus in the park.


I found tennis courts but under construction?!



Then, there was a river close to the ocean.  Is it near the ocean I went last year?


On the way back, there was a Pyramid Power!



Then we came back to Oslo by airplane, it was snow storm.  We went to eat dinner by car to a Pizza place.  Red wine tasted so good.  We tossed for our labor.  We ordered Pizza, a kind of mac & cheese and salad.  The mac & cheese was very good.  It must be the best of mac a& cheese but everything in Norway was very expensive because of the economy…