26th October Basterd Bar Tromso, NO

10月26日(金)ノルウェー、トロムソ「Bastard Bar」

今まで行ったことのない、最北端の地、ノルウェーのトロムソへは、スカンジナビア航空「SK (Shonen Knife?!) 4414便」で。

We took Scandinavian airlines SK 4414.  Is SK Shonen Knife?!
Arrived at Tromso and it was snowing all around in the town but not so cold.
Since I was born and grew up in Osaka, it is rare opportunity.  I was very excited.  My water resistant boots which I bought somewhere during this tour got very useful.


I saw a skirun on a faraway mountain.  I’ve heard that everybody here are good at skiing.


Here is the venue, Basterd Bar.  Tiny cute place.


We went to a Rock’n’roll hamburger bar.  There were band name menu.
I ordered chicken burger.  French fries tasted so good.


Many people came to our show and all of them seemed enjoying very much.  People in Tromso are very cheerful and friendly just like a people in southern islands.
Feeling the good reaction from audience, we had fun during the show.  Thanks a lot!

スモールギャングの後に、ヨーロッパを一緒にライブをした、私たちの英国のレーベルDamnablyのボス、Georgeのバンド、Former Utopiaは、この日が最後のライブ。

After Small Gang left, we toured with Former Utopia which is our UK label Damnably’s boss George’s band in Europe
This day was the last show for Former Utopia on this tour.  I took picture with George and Rama from FU.