September 14th, Saturday Zagreb, Croatia “Culture Factory”

September 14th, Saturday  Zagreb, Croatia “Culture Factory”

9月14日(土)クロアチアのザグレブ「Culture Factory」


I had a breakfast at the hotel in Ebensee, Austria.  I usualy eat 1 bread, a little of egg, 1 slice of cheese and a cup of fruit juice.  I often take the bread on the van and eat when I get hungry.


After 5 hours drive, we arrived at Zagreb, Croatia.

宿泊した町はこんな感じ。The town we stayed.


I found death metal band’s posters and  etc..


The venue is called Culture Factory.


These are catering snacks.  Everyone were so hungry and the bag of potato chips get empty very quickly.


For dinner, I ordered salmon teriyaki.  Wow! There were 3 slices of salmon and steamed rice in a bento box.  The taste of salmon was very tasty like Japanese fancy restaurant’s cooking.  I couldn’t eat 3 slices and ate 2.


So many audience came to the show. I was very happy to see so many people come to our show at our first visit. Thanks Zagreb Rock City!