September 15th Sunday, “The Chelsea” Vienna, Austria

September 15th Sunday, “The Chelsea”       Vienna, Austria

9月15日(日)「The Chelsea」オーストリアのウィーン


Getting through Slovenia, we had 4 hour drive from Zagreb, Croatia and came back to Austria, Vienna after 2 years. It’s the capitol of music.  I felt like listening Viennese waltz.

こちら、おととしもお世話になった会場、「The Chelsea」。会場の上を鉄道が走っています。

This is today’s venue “The Chelsea” where we came 2 years ago, too. It’s under a railroad.


I enter into the venue and found a big poster on the wall.  I saw it at many places in the venue.  I was a little ashamed to see my photo.


Atsuko is working hard.  Thanks!



My dinner was this one.  It was penne in a bento box at the restaurant in the neighbors.  Black cube is brownie.

People at the venue were very kind to us.  Our show went well and so many people came to see our show.  Danke!!!