September 18th Wednesday, “007” Prague, Czech

September 18th Wednesday, “007” Prague, Czech




We had no time to see around the town Budapest, I got up a little early and walked around the hotel for 20 minutes.

I had full breakfast.


Usually, every European city has tram. There was a park, trees all along the bank. The air was very fresh in spite of many cars.


Our hotel was a kind of retro taste. I had a beautiful scenery form the room.


Hungary is famous for embroidery. They are so cute!!!

ホテルからの眺め。View from the hotel room.



Then we left our hotel. Usually it takes 5 hour drive to Prague, CZ but very bad traffic jam was happening on the way, we spent 7 hours to come there. We couldn’t have sound check but there was no problem and had very good show. The venue is in a university and audience were young. They jumped and danced during the show.  Thanks a lot!

For dinner, we were served potato with cream and cheese.  It was so delicious.  Arigato!