September 29th Sunday, “Dingwalls” London, U.K.

September 29th Sunday,  “Dingwalls”        London, U.K.

9月29日(日)「Dingwalls」         英国、ロンドン


It was the final date of our UK/EU tour 2013. We went to Camden Lock in London. Here is just like “America-Mura” in Osaka, Japan which many young people and sight seeing people visit.


These photos are the entrance and inside of the venue.

今回のツアーから新しく使い始めたギター、Aria DM-01、ホワイト。レトロな形がかわいい。活躍してくれました。

I started to use Aria DM-01 guitar for this tour. The body shape is retro and cute. It’s a great guitar.

そして、日本でも最近使い始めたTaurus Stomp Head、こちらは英国、欧州用240ボルトです。コンパクトなギターアンプヘッド。すごくロックな音を出してくれます。

I also started to use Taurus Stomp Head from July. This one is UK/EU version 240V. It’s a compact guitar amp head. The sound is incredibly ROCK!


For my dinner, I ate mushroom burger. It’s one of my favorite.

この、入場チケットを買って下さった方によるリクエストライブは大盛況、人、人、人、の会場内。満員御礼いたします。リクエスト第1位は、同率で「Twist Barbie」と「ロケットにのって」の2曲でした。おめでとう~。(撮影:あつこ)



The show was “set list vote show”. Ticket holders could vote songs for the set list. There are so many people at the venue. So packed! The first prize of the vote song was “Twist Barbie” and “Riding on the Rocket”. Congrats. For the encore, Atsuko joined as a special guest singer and sang “Goose Steppin’ Mama”. She improved, didn’t her?

London Set List

1. Twist Barbie

2. Banana Chips

3. Bear Up Bison

4. Super Group

5. Pop Tune

6. Osaka Rock City

7. I am a Cat           (Emi lead vo)

8. Elmer Elevator

9. Cycling is Fun       (Ritsuko lead vo)

10. Blitzkrieg Bop

11. I wanna be sedated

12. KKK took my baby away       (Emi lead vo)

13. Sheena is a Punk Rocker     (Ritsuko lead vo)

14. Ramones Forever

15. Day Dream Believer

16. One Week

17. Buttercup

18. Riding on the Rocket

19. Giant Kitty



1. Goose Steppin’ Mama (with Atsuko, lead vo)

2. Burning Farm



For our 19 shows, some cities are our first visit and some are we visit once in these 3 years. I was very glad that so many rock’n’roll people came to see us and seemed enjoyed our music.

It was fun I could go some sight seeing, too.



We took photos for my record. Thanks everyone who supported our UK/EU tour 2013 and of course I’d like to say great thanks to people who came to our show. I hope to see you again soon.

Lots of love and rock!