Sunday 18th May London England UK


Live at “Dingwalls”
5月18日(日) 英国 ロンドン「Dingwalls」
We had spare time till load in and see around Camden Town.


I ate Vietnamese stir fried noodles for lunch.


We loaded in and sound checked. Soon after that, dinner time had came. For dinner, I ate this. Fish and Chips.



ライブはセットの真ん中2曲でオリジナルメンバーにして、我々の衣装デザイナー兼製作者、そして、今回は物販担当で、ロサンゼルスから来てもらっているアツコが登場。15年ぶりドラムをたたきながら「I am a Cat」を歌って、「Heat Wave」は歌だけで参加。お客さんたちにも喜んでいただけたのではないでしょうか。


The day was the last show for UK/Ireland tour. We prepared special plan for it.

In the middle of our set, Atsuko who is our original member, our stage costume designer and merch lady for this tour joined and played the drums and sang “I am a Cat” also sang “Heat Wave”. It was the first time to play the drums after 15 years for her. Everybody there might have a good time.

There were 400 audience there. I thank to the people who came to our show. Some peoper came from very far away like Finland, Singapore, Japan and Hungary. Thanks a lot! We ROCKed in front of packed audience.


最後はみんなで記念撮影。まず、今回一緒にツアーを回った「Small Gang」のみなさまと。彼らとはここでお別れです。

Finally, we took pictures with everyone. For the first, with “Small Gang” who tourd with us. It was the last show with them.



Then our Tour Manager/Driver/Stage Manager Dave. He was so nice and did great job. Thanks a lot! We hope to work with him again. It was the last day for him. For our continental Europe tour, other Tour Manager will come.


最後に我々の英国のレコードレーベル「ダムナブリー」主宰、George と Janice。George は Foremer Utopia というバンドもしていて、今回何度か一緒にライブしました。素晴らしい英国/アイルランドツアーをありがとう。そして、引き続き、ヨーロッパ大陸ツアーもよろしくお願いします。

Then took a photo with George and Janice from our UK labael “Damnably”. George had a band called “Former Utopia” and they played with us at some shows in the U.K. Thanks for the wonderful UK/Ireland Tour. We hope to have a wonderful continental Europe tour, too.