Tuesday, September 30 New Orleans, LA

Tuesday, September 30 New Orleans, LA
the BEATnik

9月30日(火)「the BEATnik」ニューオリンズ


I was taken to shopping malls in the afternoon. I ate a piece of pizza first and beignet for the main dish. It’s the New Orleans special at Cafe Du Monde. Beignet is deep fried square donut powder sugar on it. 3 pieces were served for one person. I ate too much!


We loaded into the venue. After sound check, I ate chicken burger. Overeat?!


グッズ売り場には、Good Charamel Recordsの美代子さん。アツコリタイアののち、急な事にもかかわらず我々を助けに来てくれてはります。ありがとう!
Miyoko from Good Charamel Records is at the merch table. After Atsuko retired, she joined to the tour and and helps us a lot in spite of unexpected matter. Thank you!


ライブはまたまた盛況でした! オープニングアクトのThe Billsと記念撮影。曲も演奏もよかったよ!
Our show went well with many happy audience. We took a picture with the opening act, The Bills. Their music and performance was nice!


たまたま同じ日にニューオリンズでライブがあった奈良のバンドRed Sneakersの2人がライブを見に来てくれました。うれしいね。いつも大阪で顔を合わせている人達と、ニューオリンズで会うなんて何だか不思議な感じ。道中気を付けてツアー頑張って欲しいです。
Red Sneakers who is from Nara, Japan came to our show. They had s show in New Orleans on the same day. It was good coincidence. It was fun that I saw people who I usually see in Osaka. I hope that they have a good tour.