Thursday, October 2 Dallas, TX

Thursday, October 2 Dallas, TX
Club Dada

10月2日(木)「Club Dada」ダラス


Suddenly we got a heavy storm at the place of 10 km from the destination. We had good driving until there, though. The view was very bad. Driving slowly and got through the thick rain cloud, we saw a lot of sponge pieces spread on the roads and falling trees.


Anyway we arrived at the hotel safely but the area had blackout just before our arrival. We couldn’t connected Internet. The venue said that they need time to recover the electricity and we had to stay and wait at the hotel for a while. After an hour and a half, the venue let us know it was recovered and our show will be held. We headed to the venue.


I ate mackerel BBQ plate for dinner at a sushi bar that I came here from 90’s. It was so good. The food here got much tasty compared with 90’s. They might got a good chef.


We had to skip sound check but our skilled crew arranged stage setting perfectly, there was no problem. The audience and we had a good time during the show. I saw a woman who was dancing all through the show. Thank you!