Wednesday, October 22, Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, October 22, Brooklyn, NY
‘CMJ Show Case’
Knitting Factory

10月8日(水)「Knitting Factory」ブルックリン


It was rain last night. Big lightning sound made me awoke in the middle of the night. Happily, we rarely had rain during this tour but it’s raining from morning today.


ホテルをチェックアウトして、モールに連れて行ってもらいました。このツアーで最後のモール。ちょっとだけお買い物をして、お昼にはPhilly Cheese Stake Sandwich 、つまるところ、チーズマヨ焼肉サンドをいただきました。ハーフサイズだけど大きいね。なのに、ペロリと食べてしまえるのは、アメリカに来て胃袋が拡張したからでせうか!?
Checked out the hotel and went to a shopping mall. It became the last “Mall Tour”. I did tiny bit of shopping and had lunch. I took hilly Cheese Stake Sandwich. I of course had a half size but actually it’s big for me with Japanese scales. But I could eat it quickly. My stomach might be expanded since I came to America!?


Then we drove one hour and arrived at the venue. After loaded in, each of us spent spare time each way. I went to the Empire State Build by subway. Unfortunately, it was raining but the view of Manhattan from a sky scraper was great.



Then I took a walk and had dinner at a French Cafe. I ate Beef stew. At the bakery of the cafe, I bought bread for eating on the airplane tomorrow. It was so windy and my umbrella was broken. I took subway and went back to the venue.


Then our show time. Our set time was 35 minutes because it was a CMJ event. We played so cheerfully all through the set in front of a packed audience.
After show, I took pictures with our team. John, Kenny and Miyoko-San did great job. Thanks a lot! Ritsuko and Emi Did wonderful performance. Thank you! I also thank to Robby and people who worked for Overdrive North American Tour 2014.
I really want to say thank you to our audience. I hope to see you again.