June 5, Colossalcon, Sandusky, OH

この日は、アニメコンベンションへの出演でした。アニメコンベンションは大好き。参加者全員がいつもとても楽しそうで、こちらまで楽しくなっちゃいます。アニメコンベンションへの出演は3回目。過去にはイギリスで1回、アメリカで1回。1回目に出た時は、参加者のコスプレの気合の入りように逐一びっくりしてたけど、今ではこういう方が自然なのではと思える境地。We were invited to Anime Convention, Colossalcon 14. I like Anime Convention because the atmosphere is very happy. I get happy to see happy cos-players. It became the 3rd time to play at Anime Convention. I’ve ever played in the UK once and the US once. I was surprised to see various cos-player at the first time but now I came to think that cos-play is very natural.

会場は、ここ。リゾートホテルを借り切っての盛大なコンベンションです。The venue is here. Using a whole resort hotel,  it’s a big convention. 



Soup and salad. 


Then I had spaghetti meat sauce as my lunch at an American diner. I got almost full with salad, soup and bread. Meat sauce was good. 

We played at this hall. We were so excited with many audience. There were so many people at our autograph session after show. Thanks!


Took a picture with a cod-player,


Picture with a famous voice actor,


It was a fun day. Thanks for inviting us!