Oct. 15th The Record Bar, Kansas City

朝、ホテルの部屋で何か食べようかなと、シアトルから6日間持ち歩いていたパンを見たら裏にカビが生えていた!パンの袋にはbest by 10/17って書いてあるという事はあと2日は食べられるはずなんだけど。そもそも、ピーナッツクリーム入りのパンで、消費期限が8日間だなんてありえないと思うんだけど。

I checked my ‘food bag’ this morning and saw a bread which was with me for 6 days from Seattle had mold! It said that best by 10/17 on its bag. It means that it is OK to eat until 17th. In the first place, I can’t believe that 8 days expiration date for peanuts cream bread. 


I disgusted and went to a hotel diner to get some bread then I got into the car. 


Sunny side up?? at the hotel diner. A little artificial. 


At a gas station. Wiping window glass. 


At s souvenir shop at a gas station. There were only boy’s names on name knife. 

何故かおもちゃの刀が。Ninja Spyやて。

Japanese toy sword. 

約4時間半で会場のカンザスシティー、The Record Barに到着。2つステージがあって、今日はイベントなので交互にバンドが演奏するそうです。こちら、メインステージ。

After 4 hours and a half drive, we arrived at The Record Bar in Kansas. There are 2 stages. It’s an event today. The bands will play at each stage in turn. This is the main stage. 


The second stage. 


We were in a town paper ‘ink’. 


There are many buildings of bricks. 


There were street cars there. 


After sound check, we went to a Japanese-Asian restaurant ‘Nara’. I ordered Teriyaki salmon on fried rice. Salmon was soft and tasty. Sushi chef here is a Japanese. We talked him. See you and take care. 

ライブは、またまた大盛況。ライブが終わってShonen Knife コールの嵐。熱心にアンコールの声を掛けて頂き、リクエストにお応えして演奏しました。ありがとう!(みよこさん撮影)

Our show went well with great audience. We answered for many of Shonen Knife call and played a requested song. Thanks a lot. (Pic. by Miyoko)


A US band Leggy who played at some of our UK shows as a front act in this spring came to see us. They played at the same event today. 


What are they doing?


They pressed a carton box. 


See you tomorrow!