Oct. 26th Pinhook, Durham


I was sleeping during hotel breakfast time but Atsuko went to eat and made waffles for me. 

ホテルをチェックアウトして、車で約2時間。目的地のDurham 近くのモールへ寄ってお昼ご飯を食べました。一同、中に入ってみて去年も来た事を思い出しました。ブログ参照。

June 15, Travel Day

Checked out the hotel and drove 2 hours, we dropped at a shopping mall and ate lunch there. Entered into it, we reminded that we came here last year. I wrote it down on my blog. 

フードコートでフォーを食べました。お腹に優しいアジアの味!去年はPhilly Cheese Stake 食べたんだけどね。

I had Pho at the food court. It was a good Asian food for my stomach. I had Philly Cheesesteak last year, though. 


I remember I bought things here last year. I bought some souvenirs this time, too. 


When I came to the downstairs,  Kenny and Atsuko were using massage chairs. It was so funny for me and took a picture of it. 


We checked in the hotel once and loaded in the venue. We played here in 2011and 2014. 



Atsuko, Risa and I went to eat pizza. We shared these. It was so good!!


The show was packed and it was so hot. Thank you for big “encore” call!

Pic. by Miyoko 


I took a picture with the opening band, Amanda X after show . They were cute.