2月10日(土)東京、高円寺UFO CLUB

Saturday, February 10th, Koenig UFO CLUB Tokyo


We rehearsed at a studio on 9th one day before the show. After that, Naru, Risa and our manager drove to Tokyo. I took Shinkansen the bullet train on 10th from Osaka to Tokyo because of my private business.


It was my first time to take Shinkansen after very long time. Shin-Osaka station was so crowded. There was a long queue in front of bento, lunch box, shop. I wasn’t hungry and bought rice balls and almond chocolate for safety.



Matt who is a Japanese TV talent and a son of a famous baseball player was on a big sign. So unique guy.

Then I got into the train which I reserved the seat.


I saw many sightseeing people from overseas who have big suitcases in the train. I wish there were a space for suits case in the train like Nankai railways airport express “Raptor”.


From the window. I saw snowing scenery around Maibara.


A guy who was sitting on an isle seat put a giant suits case in front of him and reclining the seat maximumly. I was thinking that the guy sitting on the window seat couldn’t get out. I don’t like the window seat because I want to move freely. Anyway in my case, I always sit deeply on a seat without falling down the back seat so much. I never had a backache if I did so in a train and airplane.


Picture and text unrelated


I bought a cup of coffee in the train and drank it slowly then arrived at Tokyo. I changed the train at Tokyo station and got metro of Marunouchi Line. I had to take it via Ogikubo but mine was stopped at Shinjuku Station. I had to get off the train and wait for the next one at Shinjuku.

東高円寺駅で下車して徒歩約5分、無事会場のUFO CLUB 入り。程なく車組も到着してセッティング及びサウンドチェック。UFO CLUBは初めての出演。お店の人が親切で音も良くて演奏しやすい。

I got off at Higashi-Koenji station. Five minutes walk took me to the venue UFO CLUB. Our driving party, Naru, Risa and our manager arrived shortly and we did sound check. It was our first time to play there. Staff at the venue were kind and the sound was good.

UFO CLUB は、このビルの地下です。

UFO CLUB is the basement of this building.


Tokyo has snowing.




Inside of the venue.


The co-headliner Otogivanashi was doing sound check.



We went to have dinner to a Japanese restaurant after sound check. I ordered “Sticky Udon Noodles “. We can eat raw eggs in Japan. Toppings were Natto, Okra, and yam. Yum yum!



We took a picture with our crew “Team Papa Lion”. Thanks always!

This show was sold out. Thank you so much for coming!!

アンコールにはおとぎ話の皆さんとジャムセッション。バナナチップスとJourney のカバー Don’t stop believing を演奏しました。Don’t stop〜は、12月のライブでは、イヌガヨの皆さんともセッションしたけど、演奏者が変わるとまた違って面白い。

We did jam session with Otogivanashi and played Banana Chips and Don’t Stop Believing of Journey. We played the song with Inugayo in December last year. It was interesting that the sound was changed by players.

December 22, Fandango, Osaka

前回のブログ。The link of my blog of December 22nd.



At the last of our show.

Pic by my friend Hiroko.


Pic by Kuniyoshi Taikou

ライブは無事終了。おとぎ話の皆さんと記念撮影。おとぎ話との2マンライブは、2007年12月21日(金)の名古屋UP SET以来なんと10年ぶり2回目。その間、福岡で同じイベントに出てたみたいだけど、はっきりした印象が残ってない。10年一日だなぁ。ともあれ、こんなにステキなバンドと、また、一緒にライブ出来て大変嬉しかった!

Our show finished safely and we took a picture with members of Otogivanashi.

It was the second time to play with them. The first time was at UP SET in Nagoya on December 21st, 2007. Someone said that we played at the same event in Fukuoka but I don’t remember. Time flies! I was happy to play with such a wonderful band.


Pic by Kuniyoshi Taikou


On the way to our accommodation. Driving through glaring neon signs of Shinjuku.

2月11日(日) 東京から大阪へ。

Sunday, February 11th From Tokyo to Psaka.


Always under construction, the town Tokyo.


My. Fuji from the car window. It’s a big mountain. I saw much snow on the top.


We took a break and had lunch at this service area.


I ate pork cutlet don. Pork cutlet and scrambled eggs on steamed rice.


Seeing big roller coasters at Nagashima Spa Land from Ise Wangan Highway, we drove to Osaka.


I had dip style Ramen and beer in Osaka and relaxed. Our Tokyo tour went very well and safely. Thanks everyone!