September 8th, 2010 at Seattle

I had a plan to get up at 8:30 in the morning but my new mobile phone’s alarm didn’t work.  I was sleeping until 9:10.  I rushed to a dining room and had breakfast.  I packed my bags and checked out at 11:00 and went to Space needle.  I’ve been there before.  It wa s in 90’s.  I had a magnet of the tower but the antenna part, top of the tower’ is broken but anyway it’s on my fridge.

The scenery form the top to the tower was so beautiful.  The weather was nice.  Down town area, sea area…  Seattle is a beautiful city.  I bought aSpace Needle  floating elevator pen at a souvenir shop this time.  Then we went to a Taco shop and I had quesadilla.

After that, we drived to today’s venue Tractor Tavern and parked.  We played here last year, too.  This is a nice venue.  We loaded in and did sound check.  We had a video interview after sound check.  Until the show time, we went to a restaurant close to the venue and had salmon sandwitches.  A lot of French fries always.

Thank you for coming to our show!  There were so many audience and we had a good time on stage.  We had a little trouble with the bass sound but  the atmosphere was so nice at the end of the show. We did an autograph session after show.  We are happy to greet with our fans directly.

We drived an hour and a half, then checked in a hotel.  I went to bed at 4:00AM.  zzz…


そのあと、11時にチェックアウトしてシアトルの通天閣とも言われる(ほんまかいな)Space Needleへ。ここに上ったのは2度目。一回目は90年代にツアーした時に。そのとき買ったスペースニードルマグネットは先っちょの部分が折れた状態で家の冷蔵庫に貼りついております。タワーの上からの眺めは絶品。わたしも高いところは苦手だが、スタッフのE氏はさらに苦手らしく、展望台の外にお出ましにならなかった。おつきあいさせてごめんなさい。

下のお土産物店で今回は水が入っていて中の絵が動くボールペン。このボールペンに限らず、お土産物店においているものすべてmade in Chinaなんだけどね。これ、中国ツアーのお土産か。そのあと、腹ごしらえにタコスのお店に行ってケサディラ食べた。野菜不足。