November 5 Off Day in Melbourne Australia



It’s a holiday for Melbourne Cup Day. Holiday for horse racing!? We are holiday, too. This is the last full one day off of this tour.

Got up in the morning and ate some bread. Washing clothes in a laundry machine, I watched Melbourne Cup on TV. The race started from 3pm. Japanese horse took part in the race. The result of the Japanese horse was the 6th.


After I decided the set list for tomorrow’s show, I went out to have dinner with Atsuko. Risa bought beef steak and she would roast it in the room.


Horse wagon for sightseeing people. It sometimes dangerous after horses passed.


Flinders Street Station.


Wagon. In Japan, human wagons are popular in sight seeing spots.

駅の内部。Inside of the station.

ロンドン の駅みたい

This reminds me of a station in London.


People who dress upped were coming from the station. They were from Horse Race Course.


It seems that there is a dress code for watching horse race. Like people should wear a hat.


We wanted to go to Ding Tai Fung but it was closed for the holiday. We went to a Sundubu, Soon Tofu restaurant. Most of all customers are Korean young people. It has a cute interior and the portion is big. I think that’s why it’s popular to young people.


Small dishes are for 2 people. Steamed rice was so tasty. Very hot Soon Tofu was good, too. I felt like I was in Korea. I’ve never been there, though.


What a cute name. Happy Lemon!


Around here is the China Town. There were some study abroad information centre for Chinese people there.


Choose fruits and you can have juice shop. There were many people in this juice bar.


Taiwanese tea shop. It looks like Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto or somewhere. There was TUJIRI cafe from Kyoto was there. It’s a green tea sweets cafe. I was so full and went back to the hotel. Then took a shower and went to bed. We should leave the hotel very early tomorrow.