February 20, Travel Day from Tokyo to Osaka



Passing through the side of Tokyo Tower, we checked out the hotel in Tokyo and drove to Osaka.

大都会東京。Big City Tokyo!


I had Kitsune-Udon noodles for lunch at a driver’s cafe in Shizuoka prefecture. Soup was tasty and it made me relaxed.


After that, we took a rest at Hamamatsu which is famous for music instrument factories. The design of the wall is piano keys.


There was a piano inside of the driver’s cafe and I played the Beatles song for fun. I’m not a good piano player but I just like to play.


We drove to Nagoya. The bridge shows AAAA letters.


Around Kuwana. The sea was beautiful.


Mie prefecture. I saw snow on the top of mountains.


We drove and drove and arrived at Shiga prefecture. This is Otsu Service Area driver’s cafe. Racoon character was baked on the Japanese style red beans sweets. It looked cute.

T.M. Revolutionは、滋賀県出身だそうです。お米のフィナンシェやクッキー。おいしそ。

This guy on this package, T.M. Revolution is a singer and came from Shiga prefecture.  Rice financier and cookies looks tasty.


I saw Biwa Lake from the top of the building of the driver’s cafe.



Map of Biwa Lake. We, people in Osaka use water from this lake.



We arrived at Osaka safely and went home. I boiled spaghetti and put bottled tomato cream sauce on it for dinner. I had some red wine, too. I was contented with we could finish the 3 shows tour safely and successfully. Thank you for coming to our shows!!! I would like to say thanks to our crew and members, too. I could have a very good time. See you guys again at our shows!