712 Day Party 2022 Tokyo July 3rd

712 Day Party 2022 東京 新代田FEVER
7月3日(日)Shindaita FEVER, Tokyo

We left the hotel in Shizuoka and drove to Tokyo. I left a package of chocolate. It has melted! I ate it all, though.

We took some rest on the way and had lunch at Kouhoku Driver’s cafe. I ate Katsu Curry. Pork cutlet curry.

It was easy to travel today to Tokyo because we drove to Shizuoka after show last night. We could do that because the show time was early.

Arrived at Shindaita FEVER, Tokyo. I did usual routine… Load in, setting, soundcheck and set merch table.

Thank you for sending beautiful flowers! Got this from “Taku-Taku Documentary Team”.

Team papalion came to help us. They are reassuring friends for Shonen Knife in Tokyo. They made our website, too. An illustrator Mami Saitou came to see us, too. She drew our 40th anniversary logo. I got her collection book.

Show time has come! We ROCKed very much in front of packed audience. Thank you for coming to our show even from far away towns. We did autograph session after show. I was happy to see our fans directly.

After we put things in our van, we took pictures with our friends. Thank you always!
We left our bags to our hotel rooms and went to dinner. Then good night.
Drive day to Osaka, tomorrow.