712 Day Party 2022 July 4th, Drive day from Tokyo to Osaka


I had breakfast in the morning at the hotel and drove to Osaka. This breakfast was nice. The balance of nutrition was perfect. Yum!


We drove through Tokyo Metropolitan Government office in Nishi Shinjuku. Big building.


Driving through Shizuoka Prefecture, we saw Mt. Fuji. The shape of cloud looked interesting.


We drove back to Aichi prefecture. I had Kishimen Noodles and Miso Katsu for lunch at Kariya Highway Oasis. Yum!


There is a Ferris wheel at Kariya Highway Oasis.


The shape of Kishimen Noodles looks like Fettuccine pasta.


I walked around the market in there. I wanted to buy a watermelon but it was too heavy to bring back. One of my dream is eat watermelon as much as I want.

車は走り、ナガシマスパーランドの横を通過。ジェットコースターでかい。ロサンゼルスのシックスフラッグスMagic Mountain思い出すなぁ。80年代の終わりに、Redd Kross のメンバーたちと遊びに行った場所です。

We drove and drove, passing through Nagashima Spa Land. Their roller coasters are very big. It reminds me of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles. I went there with members of Redd Kross in late 80’s.


Driving a bit more and stopped around Otsu, Shiga prefecture. All members of Shonen Knife ate ice cream together. FYI, they were Atsuko’s treat. It was tasty!


We arrived at Osaka. I came home and ate wine and beautiful Kamaboko fish cake. I got relaxed. Thank you everyone!