Monday, February 27 and 28 From Osaka to Copenhagen


2月27日(月) February 27
2月は新しいアルバム、OUR BEST PLACEのリリースでとても忙しかった。東京へプロモーションに行ったり、大阪でも国内外のインタビューをたくさん受けた。
I was very busy for promotion of our new album OUR BEST PLACE in February. I went to Tokyo, I also go interviews from overseas and domestic via chat applications.
Our departure day has come. Risa and I take Emirates which departure time is 23:30. The price of the flight tickets increased two times as much compared with before covid. Currency is changing very much in these years, too.
I went to the Kansai Airport in the evening on 27th. There was a long queue in front of Emirates counter when we arrived. I checked in at home beforehand and we didn’t need to wait very long.

The limit of check in luggage is 30kg. Hand carry luggage is until 7kg. The limit of size is 115cm. My suitcase just 115cm and I was worried I can bring in the cabin or not. Anyway It was okay but the weight was a bit over. I was a bit nervous.


Kansai Airport in under construction for renew shoppers. There was only one food court to eat. The food court looks not court but corridor. Many used trays were left on a dust boxed. I’m wondering the re-need airport can be good or…

The Osaka team, Risa and I are departing now.

機内では映画ELVISを見た。途中居眠りして完璧には見てないけど、主演のAustin Butlerがカッコ良すぎる件。
I watched a movie ELVIS in the airplane. I took a bit nap during the movie but Austin Butler who acted Elvis was so cool!

Flight meal was two times. Dinner.




We arrived at Dubai where we change the airplane.

After we transferred the airplane, when dinner was served, flight attendant spilled a cup of milk coffee on my shoulder. I was so shocked and sad. Anyway it was going to dry until the arrival but smelled coffee a lot.

機内食 flight meal

Arrived at Copenhagen airport. Atsuko arrived 2 hours later after our arrival and joined. Waited an hour and a half, our tour manger Kenkichi drove to the airport and picked us up.

All of us got together safely and checked in the hotel. Atsuko, Kenkichi and I went to eat dinner to a Chinese restaurant . Risa was so sleepy and went to bed.

I took a shower and went to bed.