Wednesday, March 1 Copenhagen

3月1日(水) コペンハーゲン

I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I ate very much. Atsuko and I sorted merch in a room.

Fold and fold T-shirt.

3年ぶりの再会。Charnel Guitarと

3年ぶりの再会。Aria Mosrite model

We sorted them and drew pop. Atsuko and I started to work from morning but time flied very quickly. It’s got dark outside.

I went to eat dinner with Atsuko and Risa. This hamburger was so delicious but the price is two times as much of Japan. The lowest wage is also two times here compared with it of Japan. Wow!


Many bikes in Copenhagen.

I went back to the room and prepared for the show a bit with Atsuko. Then went to bed.