March 2 Loppen, Copenhagen Denmark

3月2日(木)Loppen, Copenhagen Denmark

I had breakfast fully at the hotel. After I came back to the room, I made price cards for our merch and practiced the guitar.

We loaded in to the venue in the afternoon. I’ve ever been here several times long time ago. I’ve heard that around here is a special hippie’s area, a kind of extraterritoriality. People can go sight seeing.

We raise our equipment to the 2nd floor using a lift and sat the stage.

Delicious bread and coffee were served and we started soundcheck. Kenkichi operated the sound.



We went back to the hotel once and changed into stage costumes. Then went back to the venue at 7pm. Dinner was served at the venue. It was delicious. Thank you!

I was happy that the menu was translated in Japanese. So kind.

There was no dressing room and we were at a merch table. Many people came here to get merch. Thank you! Most of all people paired by credit cards. We borrowed a card reader this time. It was the first time for me to use it. Risa taught me how to use it and I was slow to use at the beginning but I got used to at last.

ライブの始まり。と、思ったらあつこのベースが壊れた!音が出ない!サポートアクトの”ATOM” CHRIS DALL & POWERBANDの方にベースを貸してもらいライブした。ホントに親切に貸して頂き感謝します!ありがとう!
Just before the showtime, Atsuko connected to the bass amp but there was no sound. Ah, her bass was broken! The support act “ATOM” CHRIS DALL & POWERBAND let us use their bass. Thanks a lot!

Many people came to our show and said “we were waiting you for a long time”. I was so happy to hear that. The show went well and people were dancing and sang along us. Thank you very much!

I took a shower at the hotel and slept very quickly. I got tired. I have sore back. But it was nice that we could finish the first day of the tour safely.