March 4, Vaktubua, Kristiansand Norway

3月4日(土)Vaktbua, Kristiansand Norway

前日荷物を会場に置いたままにしていたので、朝9時から積み込み。一路Kristiansandへ。Hirtshals PortからColor Lineと言う会社のフェリーに乗船し、Kristiansandへ。

We left our equipment at the venue last night. Started to load in our van from 9::00am and off to Kristiansand. We took a ferry Color Line from Hirtshals Port.



Three hours and a half minutes voyage was very comfortable. We went to a buffet right after we got on a ship and took a lunch. It cost about 4000JPY but it was so gorgeous! There were salmon, salads, meat and various dessert. This is so reasonable. It was so tasty, I ate a lot!


The venue was beside of the port of Kristiansand. This yellow cute building is the venue.


The stage was so tiny. We borrowed the support band’s equipment. I used Fender Twin.


会場近所。美しい水辺。Around the venue. Beautiful seaside.


After soundcheck, we went to eat dinner. A very gorgeous restaurant in the neighbors was reserved for us. I ordered seafood cream soup. Various kind of seafood were in the soup. So tasty!

Beautiful night view! 夜景も美しい。

ライブはじまりました。The show was started.


We were waiting our stage time in O°C outside when the support band was playing.

ライブは今日もSOLD OUT!ありがたい!町では少年ナイフが来るという話でここしばらくは持ちきりだったとか。大盛況のライブの後は、ステージ上にグッズコーナーを設営したらお客さんがたくさんきてくださいました。ありがとう!

Tonight’s show was SOLD OUT again! I’ve heard that people in this town was looking forward to our show in these days. After show, we sat march spot on stage. Many people got our Rock’n’roll T-shirts and CDs. Thank you so much!

本日のサポートバンド、Longfield & Super Skeletonのみんなと記念撮影。

We took a picture with today’s support act Longfield & Super Skeleton.


.Went back to the hotel and slept very quickly. The height of loft bed was so high, I couldn’t climb up. We took down the meatless on the floor. Atsuko slept there.