March 2 Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰 Loppen (Atsuko)



Breakfast at the hotel.  Bread and cheese were delicious. I already wrote it. Soft boiled egg was good too! I like that it’s buffet style.


Today is the first day of the tour, so we went to the venue a little early. The venue is on the second floor, but luckily there is a lift.


They served lunch. Thanks!


After doing a sound check and setting up the merchandise, we went back to the hotel.

こちら、フロントアクトの”ATOM” CHRIS DALL & POWERBANDがサウンドチェック。

Today’s support band, ”ATOM” CHRIS DALL & POWERBAND.

晩ごはんも会場で用意してくれているのでそれに合わせて戻りました。 肉汁の体()がマッシュポテトと食べると、とても美味しかったな。

The venue prepared for dinner.  So we went back to the venue.  The beef gravy and mashed potatoes were delicious!


We used a card reader for the first time. Install application and connect to Bluetooth etc. Risa knows very well, so l learned from her to use it. It’s very useful once we start.


It’s our turn and a problem happened! My bass has no sound! OMG!!!


I borrowed support band’s bass.  With bassist. I used his Rickenbacker. Thank you so much!

Thank you Copenhagen!!