March 9, Bar Loose, Tromsø Norway

3月9日(木) Bar Loose, Tromsø Norway

朝、Kenkichiさんに送ってもらい オスロ空港へ。Kenkichi さんは同行せず、メンバーがトロムソでライブしている間に車を次の目的地ストックホルムまで運ぶ手筈に。トロムソ行きの飛行機に搭乗。
Kenkichi dropped us at Oslo airport in the morning. He will drive to Stockholm airport and pick us up there. We took a flight to Tromso.


There was a Moomin shop at Oslo airport and Risa was excited to see it but she bought nothing. She said that she will wait until Finland.


After 2 hours flight, we arrived at Oslo. Everything was covered by snow.

Our check-in luggage’s were wet by the snow. Ah!

Promoter picked up us and took to the hotel. Our equipment was carried to the venue in another car. I played here 11 years ago. I remember!

Inside of the venue. This is famous for punk venue.

After soundcheck, we went to a bar called Blårock which is 1 minute walk from the venue to eat dinner. I went there 11 years ago. We waited 1 hour and hamburger was served. We wanted to take a rest at hotel, though.

It was snowing on the way to the hotel.

会場へ戻りライブの開始。ライブはSOLD OUT!ステージが低くて、お客さん背が高い人が多いので、後ろの人から見えにくかったかな。たくさんのご来場ありがとうございました!
We went back to the venue and started the show. Tonight show was SOLD OUT! The height of the stage was not high and we are short. People at the back couldn’t see us, right? Thank you for coming to our show!!!