March 5, Odal Rock Club, Austvatn Norway

3月5日(日)Odal Rock Club, Austvatn Norway

Driving through very chilly world where the ice lake.

Most shops were closing on Sunday. We dropped at a drive-through McDonald and a gas station with a convenience store.

菓子パンおいしいです。Delicious pastries.

I wasn’t hungry when dropped at McDonald. I just ate an apple and cinnamon roll from the convenience store.

Driving and driving, we close to Oslo. The lake was frozen and people are walking on the ice lake.


After a long drive we arrived at the venue. Great job, Kenkichi! Thanks for driving.

今日はワンマンショー。機材はすでに会場でセットしてくれていた。助かる!なので、アンプはMarshall JCM900を使用しました。Inputの接触が悪くてガムテープで固定。
Tonight is the one-man show. Drums and amps were already sat. I used Marshall JCM 900 today. The connection of the input jack was a bit bad and Kenkichi taped my cable.


There was a wonderful catering at the dressing room! Even sake and chopsticks were served. I was so happy!


We finished the soundcheck and dinner was served. Other than me ate moose hamburg. I ate sautéed salmon. So gorgeous! Potatoes and mushroom cram sauce were delicious, too.

Norwegian style thin bread was good. I had an interview of a local news paper and went on a stage.

The show went good. The audience were friendly. Thanks for coming to our show!

After tidy up the stage and merch and I went to the outside of the venue. Wow! It’s a white snow world! We checked in a hotel and I took a shower, drank a bottle of San Miguel beer which was served from the venue. Then went to bed and sleep quickly.