March 5, Austvatn, Norway🇳🇴 Odal Rock Club(Atsuko)

We left the hotel at 10 a.m. McDonald’s cheeseburger for my breakfast. The car ran and ran ~ I got sweet bread at the gas station. It was the second time to buy this pastry.  It is sweet and delicious! It’s dangerous.



Snow scenery along the way. Ken, the tour manager, ran really hard and arrived at the venue at 5pm.
Everyone says it’s cold, but for some reason I’m not that cold… Maybe it’s because I’m wearing heat tech?

会場。The venue. Odal Rock Club

見よ、このOMOTENASHI! オモテナシ!ありがとうございます。お腹が空いていたので到着後すぐサンドイッチを頂きました。

Look at this OMOTENASHI!  Thank you so much. I was hungry, so I got a sandwich as soon as I arrived.


Sound check 


Dinner was moose hamburger with mushroom gravy and vegetables. I ate it for the first time, but it was delicious without any smell.


After the show we signed on the wall of the venue.


It was the perfect hospitality.

We checked in the hotel. Everyone had  single room tonight! Good night!