March 4 Kristiansand, Norway 🇳🇴Vaktbua (Atsuko)


Naoko and I stayed at the venue. Wanted for Risa and Ken to come in the morning and loaded the equipments. Drove about an hour and arrived at the ferry terminal.


A boat trip of about three and a half hours.  Everyone was hungry, so it’s a buffet lunch on the ferry. It was very luxurious, and there’s also wine in beer. I went out deck.  Super cold and windy but feel good!


Arrived at Christian Sand. The venue was close to the port. It was small venue but punk and cool place! Off course the show was sold out. We used support band’s equipments.


I could see ferry which we took from stage.



We did quick sound check. And went to dinner. 
I ate veal steak with mashed potatoes at a nice restaurant. Sometimes when I eat beef it gives me a power.

ホテルに一旦戻ってステージの準備。会場に戻ってサポートバンドのLongfield & Super Skeletonを外から見た。中は暑そうだけど外は寒いよ。我々の出番!準備OK!

We went to the hotel for ready to the show. Back to the venue, today’s support band,  Longfield & Super Skeleton was playing. Outside was cold but inside the venue was so hot. It’s our turn.


With support band.


“Shonen Knife is coming to Kristiansand, so it was very exciting for this day.” A fan said to me.  I’m happy~Thank you!