March 12, Bar Loose, Helsinki Finland

3月12日(日)Bar Loose, Helsinki Finland
We left the hotel at 4am and drove to Copenhagen airport, Denmark from Malmo Sweden. It took 30 minutes.


Arrived at the airport. This aircraft has 2 seats each on the left and right between aisle.

I was sleeping all through the 2 hours flight and arrived at Helsinki airport.

Promoter picked us up at the airport and went to the venue by taxi. We spent time until check in time of a hotel.

We went to have lunch before check in. Risa searched a buffet sushi place.


We checked in the hotel and had a rest. I slept.

We went back to the venue at 5:30 pm and did setting and sound check. I have ever played here almost 10 years ago. It’s very ROCK venue.

Today’s amp.

After that, promoter took us to a restaurant. She said that many restaurants and shops are closing on Sunday. I ordered salmon penne. It was delicious. The portion was big, I took away half of them.

ライブはまたまたSOLD OUT!!!!!ありがたい!ステージでりさちゃんがフィンランド語で今日は来てくれてありがとう、などMCしておられて、お客さんも喜んでおられました。日本でも人気のムーミンの国フィンランド、滅多に来られないので来ることができて嬉しかったです。ありがとう。
The show was SOLD OUT again!!!!! Thank you so much! Risa said “Thank you for coming” in Finnish language and audience glad. The country of Moomin which is popular to Japanese people, I am happy to come here. Thanks a lot!