March 17, Rote Sonne, Munich Germany

3月17日(金)Rote Sonne, Munich Germany

Checked out the hotel at 11am and went to get a car sticker for allowance of enter into the central city areas in European countries. Then went to a gas station to fill petrol and drove to Munich. We got some traffic jam but could arrive at Munich safely. The price to use toilet was EUR 1. So expensive!

こちら会場内です。This is inside of the venue.


グッズコーナーも配置済ませて。Sat up merch table.

Show time came soon. It was one-man show. We could have a good audience!

We often get drink tickets from the venue but we don’t drink before the show and usually no time to use. The show started early today and I tried to get a bottle of beer from the bar. Thanks!

After show, we checked in a classical hotel and went to dinner to a restaurant in the hotel. I ate pork. Potato on the side was sticky. Sauerkraut was so good.

The room of this classical hotel. I took a bath in this bathtub.

I wasted 5GB caused by sending error email was appeared many times I deleted many times, though. I have to buy one more SIM card. Oh, no!