March 20 Travel Day 🇨🇭 🇦🇹 🇩🇪 (Atsuko)


Good morning! Breakfast time! I don’t usually eat big breakfast, but we paid extra for breakfast, so I ate yogurt and made a sandwich for lunch on the way.


First of all, we went to the Swiss border to follow up on yesterday’s procedures…


Drove the highway  of Switzerland, we took a toilet break at a place with a good view overlooking Lake Constance.


We need a permit to use highway in Switzerland and Austria.  So Ken went to buy it. It’s so complicated!


A store next to a petrol station. We have to pay 1 euro for using toilets. Currently I spent 5 euros on the toilet.


Arrived at the hotel near Munich around 7pm. Thank you for your hard work, Ken. We ate dinner with just knife members!


It’s a drive day tomorrow, too. Good night!