March 22, Chelsea, Vienna Austria

3月22日(水)Chelsea, Vienna Austria
We’ve already arrived at Vienna yesterday and we went to sightseeing with Atsuko. We decided to go to the area of Stephansdom and took subways. We can take a ride all transportations like subway and tram using the ticket. There is no station staff and no ticket gates. We need to buy a ticket and print the date. Just holding it is okay.
I ate Korean style stir fried beef bento. It was good but a bit expensive at the center of the sightseeing spot.

There are many historical beautiful buildings.




I dropped at a supermarket before came back to the hotel. There weren’t so many good things to buy for me.

We went to the venue at night. I played here several times. It is under the railway.

There was no Atsuko and Risa on the poster. It is sometimes happening. People at the venue said they will use a picture of three of us next time.

I went to McDonald’s to buy Fillet-O-Fish and cappuccino. Other members went to buy dinner at different place. I just wanted to eat light snack. Ordering was touch panel.

It is the universal taste. The price is more expensive than Japan.

We ate chocolate cake for Risa’s birthday in the dressing room.

The show was packed! Risa said that it’s her birthday on stage and the audience started to sing ‘happy birthday to you’. What a kind people! I thank to people who came to our show. Danke!