March 26, Rock Cafe, Prague Czech

3月26日(日)Rock Cafe チェコのプラハ
昨日、一昨日と二泊したホテルから、同じプラハの別のホテルに移らないといけなかったa ので、チェックアウトして、近くのモールのフードコートへメンバー3人で行き、またまたみそラーメンを食べた。一昨日に続いて2回目。どんだけ好きやねん。
We had to check out the hotel which we stayed two nights and move to another hotel in Plague. Three of us went to the food court at the mall near by. I ate Miso Ramen again! It was the second time to eat the same one after the day before yesterday. I think I love that.

Then we walked to the next hotel. There was a park which has many beautiful cherry trees.

Cute street car. かわいい路面電車。

ホテルで身支度をして、今夜の会場「Rock Cafe」へ車でロードイン。
I prepared for the show at the hotel room and drove to tonight venue Rock Cafe.

We loaded in, setting equipment and did sound check. It was a bit rain. People in Europe often help us to load in. Thanks so much.

I put the price of our merch in CZK. After soundcheck, we went to eat dinner at a Czech restaurant next to the venue.. I ordered Chicken breasts tartar sauce. I get power eating Chicken breasts. Fresh vegetables were on the side.

Show time! I saw many young audience, too and they danced during our show. I also get cheerful “Candy Call” as usual. Many people came to see our show. hank you so much!

*キャンディーコール  少年ナイフの曲「Sweet Candy Power」を演奏した時に「甘い甘い甘い甘い」と歌うとお客さんが「Candy!」と返してくれること。
*Candy Call When we played our song “Sweet Candy Power”, I sing “am I am I am I am I” (Amani is a Japanese word which means sweet) and audience response “Candy!”.