April 2, Gebaude 9, Köln Germany

4月2日(日)ドイツのケルン、Gebaude 9
Breakfast at the wired hotel in Karlsruhe was gorgeous.

I had these.

I looked the inside of the old tiny rusty car, there were old man and woman.

There was a cassette player on a bed head.

Checked out at 11 am and drove to Köln. Checked in the hotel in Köln and went to the venue.

There were ducks at the entrance. These are plastic.

Stage setting, soundcheck and setting up merch table.

I forgot to take a picture of inside of the venue. It’s a large venue. Dinner was served at the dressing room. I was happy to eat steamed rice. Peanuts sauce curry, beef and vegetables satay and spring rolls. It was catered Asian restaurant. Everything was delicious.

ドイツは10都市で演奏しましたが、本日のケルンがドイツ最終日。たくさんの方が見に来てくれました。ありがとう!曲を知ってて一緒に歌ってくれる人が多くて嬉しかったです。アンコールも大変な盛り上がり。live pics by Kenkichi
We played at 10 cities in Germany. It is the last day of Germany show for this tour. Many people came to the show. Thank you so much! I was happy that audience sang along us. The applause for encore was amazing.

I had beer at the hotel room and went to bed.