April 3, Drive day from Köln to Amsterdam

I had this for breakfast. It is a day off other than less than 3 hours driving from Köln to Amsterdam.

All of us had lunch at a ramen restaurant 10 minutes walk from the Dom before looking around the Dom, we ate it.

We decided to go to see Köln Dom before driving to Amsterdam. It is the third time for me to go there. It is great no matter how many times I see it. It is huge and dynamic.



The last day of Germany for this tour and I miss it but we drove to Amsterdam. We arrived at a rental guest house. Because the fee of hotels are so expensive. After arriving the guest house, we tried to go our for dinner but most of all restaurant was closing because of it was late. Anyway, the restaurant around here are closing at 9pm. We bought dinner as take away at a diner. I got deep fried set. Ate dinner at the house and went to bed.

P. S. 民泊に帰る前にスーパーで見つけたイースター向け、うさぎ模様の食品。
P. S. These are rabbit printed food for Easter.


Risa made beefsteak for dinner.