April 13, SUB 89, Reading UK

I ate a pastry which I bought the day before yesterday. After that, I was thinking about what should I eat for my early lunch? Yeah, I would like to eat Inari-Sushi. And went to get it but I couldn’t find. I could have just one.

We left London at 1:30. Arrived at the venue after less than 2 hours. The venue is in the second floor, 1st floor in the UK, but there was a lift for load in. Yeah!

Load in, sound check, setting up the merch table and three of us went outside to have dinner. We looked for a Japanese restaurant which deals cash and warm tables because it was so cold. We found one and I ordered Una-Don. It was a bit expensive but needed to get energy from foods. Unagi Eel was soft and tasty.

Then show time! Sooooo many people came to see us! Thank you so much!!!!!! Sorry for waiting in a long queue for our merch. Thanks again for people who came to our show!